Application Process

At WMSKLI, we focus on educating our students in holistic learning with an emphasis on character building. We place our students first and believe that every individual child regardless of race, religion, and social background can succeed when placed in the right school environment. Our students are taught to express and articulate their ideas clearly, confidently, and act with courtesy, integrity, and honesty. English is our medium of instruction, however, Mandarin, Malay, German and French language classes are available.

Application Procedure

Please refer to the Application Procedure document.

Application Procedure


Complete the Enquiry Form. A school tour and counselling session by appointment can be arranged upon request.

Entrance Assessment

Students are required to sit for an assessment which will be held in the first half of the year.

Online Registration Form

To be completed and submitted along with the necessary supporting documents and payment of the application fee which is non refundable.

Offer Letter

The offer letter will be issued to the successful Applicant upon completion of the assessment and review process by the Admissions Committee.

Fee Schedule

The acceptance of offer must be accompanied with full payment of all fees as stipulated in the letter of offer within the time frame provided together with the submission of the offer documents.